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I went in for nausea and vomiting, due to pregnancy. I've never tried acupuncture for this before and my nausea and vomiting are pretty severe. I had low expectations and simply was desperate to try everything to help find relief. To my (amazing) surprise, I saw significant relief immediately. I left the office feeling less nausea, but as time went on and dinner approached (usually my worst time of day) I was doing even better. Last night I was able to handle all the food aromas and even eat dinner without vomiting. This has not happened in over two weeks. I could tell a significant increase in my energy as well. Completely changed this pregnancy for me! Thank you!

Christine L.

Completely changed this pregnancy for me!

Ashli helped me immensely! I had a severe low back pain. I was also having trouble just sitting! I couldn’t sit at the computer, work or drive. She discussed the situation with me and we made a plan. I could feel the difference after the first treatment. And after each session the results were better & better and lasted longer. I am now on my way to feeling so much better and pain-free all the time. Ashli also took the time to show me some stretches I can do to help speed the recovery process. She is insightful, helpful and kept a warm, professional but friendly and understanding atmosphere. I strongly recommend her.


Back pain

Ashli has been monitoring my progress and helping me with my overall health!

Mitch H.

Helping me get thru fractured ribs!

So, two weeks ago I had a C7 epidural. A day of pain relief followed by two weeks of 24 hour intense burning pain. I tried acupressure, massage, pain meds. Wife reminded me of Dr. Foster. She did Acupuncture with stim for one session. I immediately felt better. Although the affected muscles remained tight, the debilitating burn was numbed giving me instant relief. I tried so many other options that failed. One treatment directed my injury towards a solution. Thank goodness for Dr. Foster and her incredible skills

John R.

Incredible results

I suffered from IBS for YEARS. After just one session with Ms. Foster I noticed a great relief in my abdominal pain. After several sessions I feel like a “regular” person again! I have told all of my friends and since then she has helped my mom with anxiety and even my brother who had tennis elbow!


Bye Bye IBS!

Ashli has helped me with many issues and I continue to go to her for maintenance. I recommend her to everyone that wants a natural way to get their body on track without a bunch of medication.

Joline U.


Ashli applied Acupuncture on every area that was knotted up. Her applications were spot on and completely relaxed me throughout the session. My back and neck are responding and as I had hoped because of her treatments. I have had three treatments and each one is more effective and lasts longer. Excellent rating!



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